Saturday, March 29, 2014

Evil of the Left

Evil: To kill,, and blame life.
They undermine freedom with oppressive policies, then blame 'too much freedom' for societal ills.
They undermine the cultivation of intellect in schools by teaching social conformity, then blame the now blind self interest for economic woes.
They insist on politics of pull serving economic interests willing to buy success at a bargain, then blame free self interest for lack of upward mobility.
They tell us 'the good' is others, and search vainly for their children's self esteem.
They tell us that our group consciousness is primary, that there is value wherever we all 'say' there is value, then debase the currency and blame hunger on greed.
They maim the intellect, cultivate resentment and guilt by altruism, poison self esteem by demanding social conformity, steal life effort in the name of charity, and claim it is ALL for the 'common good (tm)' ---- and then, THEN, they stare in shocked, speechless, vapid, cognitive foundering at Sandy Hook, or all the other, now ubiquitous, examples of mutilated minds striking out at they know not what.
Evil: To kill, and blame life.

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