Monday, November 28, 2016

Something for Nothing

You will often hear the claim that those supporting socialism or any form of collectivism want "something for nothing."    Do they still get the benefit of the doubt?  I mean, do we still believe that the folks supporting collectivism in whatever form are really aiming at something for *nothing?*   I frankly can't believe it any longer.  I think they know exactly that what they want is "something from somebody else."   Could there really be some left who think the state somehow produces wealth from which to distribute?  I suppose.  But it can't be an appreciable number any longer.   I recommend we no longer give the collectivists even the benefit of the doubt in our common speech.   There has never been, in the history of the world, 'something' for 'nothing.'  Ever.  And they know it.  
I think the reason so many are attracted to the socialists or collectivists, is that they have no experience with well maintained law, and lots of experience with all manner of advantages bestowed by government through corrupt law that favors this or that business / corporation / group / etc.   When the law itself is not justice but instead is the actual legalization of cheating, what options are then open to the citizen?   I think most, if not explicitly in their own minds, feel that if 'it's all fixed/ rigged/ corrupt / etc.' anyway, then by God, 'my group is going to get theirs.'  Or, 'We'll use government force to make things a certain standard, that we define, for the poor, or the common man, or the little people, or the average joe, etc.'    If government must be a tool for cheating, the masses must be care for, or placated, depending on your perspective.   In the US, some 23% of gdp gets funneled into some form of social welfare.  The republicans miss the reality of the situation when they only scream and yell about this sort of theft (or are complicit, or are part of the great lie.)  Very few ask how much of the remaining 77% of gdp is directed by some form of govt. cheating / favoritism / special loans / special tax structure / tariffs / favoring regulation / bailout / special rates / tax or regulatory structures that favors established businesses in general / etc.    The social welfare is chump change.  The left and right seem to fight over how large a portion of the loot should go to keep the masses 'happy.'  But very very few question the entire system of cheating itself - and this cheating is perhaps even more prevalent in our local and state governments than even at the federal level.  I hear very few voices any longer calling for returning law to justice - no cheating, no favoritism, for anyone or any group.   The excuse given for the cheating is typically "this regulation or law will help the 'community' or 'state' or 'country' or 'the people' as a whole."  What they mean however is that they think that a certain majority (if that) is benefitted by whatever it is they are proposing as law.  The proper question is whether anyone's rights are being violated by the law, as then it is certainly not a common good.  The short sightedness is truly astounding.  Those forwarding such cheating as 'for the common good,' are either lying or can not see that they are a terrible harm if they are legislating for the range of the moment. To cheat for the advantage of any particular company or product in the *now*, is discriminatory to developing better ideas or future better companies etc., let alone the unfairness done to competitors in the market now.  Can they not see this?!  Can the people not see that the bureaucrats idea of what's best is the LAST opinion we should take on the matter?  If we legislate to help the torch, we may lose the light bulb forever.

As a practical matter, if the socialism / collectivism is to be defeated politically, the corporate / business / wealthy cheating must be attacked first.  This has been historically a terrible mistake on the right, as they have traditionally made a fuss over the social welfare type of cheating.  I don't know if it is because those active politically just don't understand, or if they are cheaters themselves. ps The problem, of course, is much bigger than 'how do we fashion a government that does not cheat for anyone?'   The problem is 'how do we move from an intricately astoundingly corrupt system of cheats upon cheats upon cheats in every facet of government action in nearly every aspect of our lives - to a government that cheats for no one.'   This is a much much bigger problem politically because there are millions of honest people's livelihoods that would be disrupted in some way should law be returned to only justice.   Our best political minds should be working on THAT.   Examples:  how to get government out of medicine with the least amount of harm,  out of social security without further cheating anyone, out of education without making a worse mess, etc. etc.   With no practical, clear, detailed plans addressing the real possible harms/ issues involved in extricating government from activities in which it CAN NOT act justly, we're just whistling in the wind.