Saturday, March 29, 2014

Evil of the Left

Evil: To kill,, and blame life.
They undermine freedom with oppressive policies, then blame 'too much freedom' for societal ills.
They undermine the cultivation of intellect in schools by teaching social conformity, then blame the now blind self interest for economic woes.
They insist on politics of pull serving economic interests willing to buy success at a bargain, then blame free self interest for lack of upward mobility.
They tell us 'the good' is others, and search vainly for their children's self esteem.
They tell us that our group consciousness is primary, that there is value wherever we all 'say' there is value, then debase the currency and blame hunger on greed.
They maim the intellect, cultivate resentment and guilt by altruism, poison self esteem by demanding social conformity, steal life effort in the name of charity, and claim it is ALL for the 'common good (tm)' ---- and then, THEN, they stare in shocked, speechless, vapid, cognitive foundering at Sandy Hook, or all the other, now ubiquitous, examples of mutilated minds striking out at they know not what.
Evil: To kill, and blame life.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Carter Inflation? You ain't seen nuthin'

The facts, from a Peter Schiff article:

"The last few years have proven that there is no line Washington will not cross in order to keep bubbles from popping. Just 10 years ago many of the analysts now crowing about the perfect conditions would have been appalled by policies that have been implemented to create them. The Fed has held interest rates at zero for five consecutive years, it has purchased trillions of dollars of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities, and the Federal government has stimulated the economy through four consecutive trillion-dollar annual deficits. While these moves may once have been looked on as something shocking…now anything goes."

"When President Obama took office at the end of 2008, the national debt was about $10 trillion. Just five years later it has surpassed a staggering $17.5 trillion. This raw increase is roughly equivalent to all the Federal debt accumulated from the birth of our republic to 2004!"

"Janet Yellen may talk about tightening someday, but she will continue to move the goalposts to avoid actually having to do so. (Or as she did this week, remove the goalposts altogether). As global investors finally realize that the Fed has no credible exit strategy from its zero interest policy, they will fashion their own exit strategy from U.S. obligations. Should this happen, interest rates will spike, the dollar will plunge, and inflation’s impact on consumer prices will be far more pronounced than it is today. This is when the inflation tax will take a much larger bite out of our savings and paychecks.  The debt that sustains us now will one day be our undoing."

The conclusion:

It's going to get very bad.   Think Weimar-like bad. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My life is my own. 
Liberals, collectivists, statists, tell us that the criterion of moral goodness is to live for others.  And yet liberals statistically give the very least of their own money to others.    Some conservatives, some capitalists, tell us that capitalism, individual rights to life and property, are 'good' because, though selfish (bad), the process of honoring individual rights in economics serves the good of the greatest number of people.  Again, the individual life is held up as a *means* to everybody else.  Again, the moral good is that a man lives for everyone else.
Well, stop it.
Stop telling me that 'the good' means any action in which I disregard my own life. 
It is in valuing true values TO SELF, and supporting them, and therefore self, with the productive force of one's own life that is moral. If you are unable or unwilling to see how another man's life is of value to yourself, do all of humanity (including yourself) a favor and DON'T help codify selfLESSness as the criterion of morality. IF you think that destroying or injuring others is the vicious epitome of *your* self interest, then do all of humanity a favor and DON'T try to institutionalize your irrational brutality in the 'name' of charity. 
Should we be surprised that the liberal does not give? The liberal says we must force men to sacrifice for others or they'll all just kill, or harm, or neglect each other in their 'selfish' lusts. Well, you see what their view of man is. You see what is in *their* hearts. Are you not surprised?
Should we be surprised that the conservative does give, and submits to ever greater forcible confiscation of his production?   The conservative submits to being the sacrificial animal for the group because he admits the group's ethic.   
The individual is left undefended.  The liberal screams 'sacrifice him' for everyone's 'good!'  And the conservative says, "I will jump into the volcano if everyone (else) benefits - for this is what I think God, or utilitarianism, or nationalism, or Arianism, (all altruism at base) tells me. "

Let each man seek his own good through his own time, thought, and effort, without using force to violate other men's right to life and the values they produce with their life effort.   Let every man recognize this as the good -- the good based on a necessary standard, that is each  man's life, and the recognition of what each man must do to sustain his life, that is think and act, and the recognition that to think and act man must be free from forcible compulsion, and the recognition that governments, instituted among men, by men, are proper only in so far as they protect this freedom from forced compulsion, and become evil when those governments BECOME the agent of force used to steal the production of a man or negate his ability to think and act.