Thursday, February 19, 2009

Slavery in America

If you are a producer in America, a person who spends his thought and effort to provide a good or service to others in fair trade, then you are a slave. You are a slave and either suffer under the whip or ignorantly whip yourself depending on whether you vote for or against the liberals, or, as they should be called, the anti-capitalists or feudalists. Realize that, as the non-producer - entitlement class has grown, they have grown to enslave the producers of this nation. The lawmakers elected by this group strengthen their hold on aristocracy by promising to take more and more from the producers and give to those who consume only, to those who either entirely parasitize the producers or exist in a job by pull or union pressure, and not by merit or efficiency. Or worse, they give to the very countries who hate America, ironically for the very ideals that the liberals are killing - most prominently, the concept that the rights of the individual supersede what some group 'says' are the interests of 'society as a whole' - that individual rights supersede the supposed interests of the 'tribe.'
So realize that well over 30% of your thought, your effort, the labor of your time, your very life are taken from you, by force of the growing entitlement class and foreign lobbyist parasites. This itself is a moral obscenity, but what is worse is that your stolen production is then spent as a payback by these lawmakers to either entice their entitlement voters or satisfy the demands of their lobbyist benefactors, who by influencing the legislature keep either their unworthy company in existence or, in the case of foreign lobbying groups, maintain their tyranny in some oppressed nation. It is sick that we, the producers, are enslaved to support our own destruction. It is obscene.
When will we see a leader who can destroy this new irony of an aristocracy? As the feudal lords existed by consuming the production of their serfs, so the entitlement class (in either the welfare state, or the welfare medical system, or the welfare job system - i.e. those who do little but bleed a good company through union power, or those of evil companies who exist only by pull in Washington) - that entitlement class votes the true producers into slavery - a life as a serf to work for his/her own death - yes, death, for this is the process which destroys dreams, ambitions, goals for persons and families, plans for truly great production, for truly great businesses; this is the process which has and continues to destroy unfathomable potential. The world does not know nor even take time to consider what would have happened if the lives of never known brilliant, industrious, creative people were not stifled by the policies of state-ism, the policies which say the rights of some to the product of their labor should be broken, their effort stolen, and given to those who claim that their very uselessness gives them a moral claim on others. Again, it is obscene.