Monday, February 24, 2014

Olympic Tax

A senator has forwarded a bill that would exempt the olympians from taxes on their meritorious oppression of the differently abled competitors.  I mean, their winning prizes.
This is strange coming from Washington.
If sacrificing is good, why would we want to prevent the Olympians from 'giving' even MORE to their country?  
Those tax dollars go (at about 20 cents on the dollar) to welfare recipients.  Surely we aren't so cruel as to think those coddled athletes need their fancy gifts more than a welfare recipient needs his or her food stamps?  
Now, taxation money is going to pay the bills of every soul that walks through hospital doors.   We don't think that healthy, probably rich, athletes should selfishly keep their Olympic money without handing over their fair share to help save peoples lives do we?
Our post office provides a crucial service with our tax money.  They even, helpfully, let everyone know about that letter and package carrying service using our tax money.  They provide a crucial  check on the evil competitive monopoly attempts of Fed EX and UPS and other private shipping companies, by staunchly defending our rights to have a monopoly by force, not just efficiency and cost effectiveness.   If Olympians are exempted from supporting THAT noble effort, what kind of terrible self serving example are we setting for the ... the children?  
Since 2009 our tax dollars have once again been allowed to flow freely to the world-wide war on over-population.  Yes.  You and I, and even Olympians, are working.  And a portion of that time, and thought, and heroic effort is channeled, again, to world wide family 'planning' clinics.   How could anyone in their right mind suggest that the Olympians wouldn't want to support more abortions world-wide?   
It is true, though, that between 600 and 700 billion in tax monies go to support the evil imperial forces of the American 'military-industrial complex.'
But compared to that, surely the 3.7 or so trillion per year in social programs makes this a moral no-brainer.   Tax the Olympians!   Heroic strength and glory for "the Common Good (TM) "  

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