Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Death in the name of Life

Money = marker for someone's TIME, thought, effort = someone's Life spent

When this is taken by force (tax, bonds, $ printing, franchising by govt, etc) -- life is stolen.

Remember our founding words: ....with the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.   For the past 100 years, and ever more rapidly in the past forty, our governments have been actively ignoring that primary function ---   They *should* be protecting EVERY individual's right to life, which they do by honoring and protecting every INDIVIDUAL's right to the product of their time, thought, and effort -- the value they produce that others are willing to trade for -- represented by the trade marker - money.      Instead they have been forcibly and with great inventiveness been stealing the lives of every individual that produces a value to trade.  
IT IS OBSCENE.   It is horrifically sad, as this was the first country that started with the idea that each individual's life was to be guarded FIRST, as superseding in importance whatever somebody or some group said was in the 'interest' of the masses, or this group or that group.  No one was to be thrown into the volcano or bled to death for the 'sake' of the group.
Ultimately, each of us is to blame.  
Over time, the # of value producers will wither.   When  there is no longer, or insufficient blood in the host -- what then for the screaming parasites?  
"They" said capitalism was evil because it was dog eat dog, survival of the fittest, and tooth and claw law of the jungle ---- they will see tooth and claw savagery--- but it won't come from those praying and working for a society where all respect each other's lives and trade value for value, no it will come from those who whispered -- I have a need, someone should fill it without recompense.   Evil is not brutal til the very end.

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