Sunday, November 13, 2011

Briefly on creation and thus ethics

God created an existence in which individuals are sacred. No real good can be achieved for anyone by either an individual killing or harming himself for the supposed benefit of others, nor by an individual killing or harming others for the supposed benefit of himself. The message of the cross was not that we should all be killing ourselves for each other. When man kills the human incarnation of his creator, the lesson is NOT that this is the model for all human relations, by the evil doctrine that sacrifice is the criterion of the good. It is true that when one loves another individual to the greatest degree possible, he is willing to die for that other, because an existence devoid of that individual is not deemed worthwhile. It is one of the greatest evils ever perpetrated to conclude from this that then people all live as spiritual vampires either yielding their own blood to prove love of others, or demanding others' blood as proof of their love for him.
Among other things, the story of the cross and Christ's resurrection shows us that the kingdom of God will not be blackmailed by demands that the 'loving' God 'prove it' by destroying Himself 'for' us. Short of the anihilation of all existence, God will travel any road to reach each individual, but all of existence shall NOT be held forfeit for any individual to attempt to claim value apart from the unalterable fact that he is a creation whose preservation in existence is, was, and can only be dependent on the creator.
In the final analysis, evil is always a hatred of that which will not bend to force -- reality -- that which one can only break oneself against.

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